Portfolio Website Redesign: It’s About Time

It’s been far too long. The design of my previous portfolio launched in July 2006 or about 20 years ago in web years. Possibly a slight exaggeration but I now need a place where I can blog about things other than web design and development like I do at Inspect Element. Don’t forget the simple fact that the old design was horribly out of date and was designed and developed in my early days of entering the web industry when I had little experience. I need something that represents what I’m about today, not three years ago.

The following are what I consider to be key aspects of this design.


I’ve kept the design simple and clean. All of which still posses style, character and meaning, mainly through the use of typography.


Ever since reading Handcrafted CSS by Dan Cederholm, my eyes have been opened to how good your CSS can be if you just take a little care and pride in your work. Feel free to inspect my CSS in any of the site I’ve developed.


Making sure my site is as easy to read as possible was my main priority. It frustrates me when I come across a site where the actual content is difficult to read and I don’t want any frustrated visitors. I’ve chosen Century Gothic from Typekit for the content because it’s an absolute pleasure to read on screen. This also includes page titles. All very simple and easy to read and understand.


Following on from readability is flexibility. I want you to be able to read my site on other devices too so I’ve optimised it for smartphones and tablets like the iPad which support CSS3 media queries. Media queries aren’t always the best option for delivering content to mobile users but for my site, it definitely is.


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    This article achieved exactly what I wnaetd it to achieve.

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