The Secret of Site Headings

Let’s be honest, we all know that paragraphs of text on a website are often ignored simply because visitors don’t have time to read everything, this is where headers become very very important, not only will they help divide the text but they will also help readers find the right content. In this article we have listed four tips to make your headings more user friendly.

The more effective your headers are the better the visitor will be able to receive your message. Some of the most important things to remember is that your headings need to be well written however as every designer knows words are not the most important, often the colors you choose or the size of your text is actually just as important. 

1. Headings need to be well written

Yes I know that I just said headings are more than just words however the truth is that if your heading sucks then chances are your readers will just ignore the text beneath them and move on to something else. Remember often SEO is based on the headings on the website and since you want your SEO ranking to be as high as possible you need to take SEO into consideration when writing your heading.

2. Keep it short!

Really there is nothing worse than headings that goes on and on and on and on and on and…see what happened there? Chances are after the second on you stopped reading. Don’t feel bad if you don’t add everything in your heading, this should be a small appetizer enticing your visitors to read the text underneath and not convey the whole message.

3. Keep title focused

Remember in school when your teachers were trying to teach you the 5W’s Who, What, When, Where and Why? Well believe it or not but this is just as important when you are writing your headings. You need to make sure your headings are concise and you must avoid misleading titles.

4. Size Matters

Yes I said it, size does matter…You need to make your headings bigger than the rest of the text, because otherwise how will your visitors know that they are looking at a heading. You text needs to be prominent on the site.


There are many ways of making a better heading. It is really up to you how you will grab your visitors attention. Most important tip: Don’t lie in your heading, in other words if you write something in the heading then make sure the text below is actually about that topic!

Do you think headings are important or can designers just ignore it, feel free to leave us a comment below?


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